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Hip Belt Pads
Hip Belt Pads
Product code: Chranice

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Smooth additional padding of waist belt edges. After putting on waist belt this pads covers opened studs. There is nothing to squeeze into baby legs after that.

Material: 100% cotton

1.Put the pads on the hip belt from sides to the middle.
2.The securing straps are oriented to the middle of waist belt and you can see them on the outer side of waist belt.
3.Wrap the securing straps around the black straps on the waist belt and close velcros inside the hip belt pads.


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Healthy tests
KiBi baby carrier passed the EN 13209-2:2015 safety standard for soft baby carriers in TV Sd lab.
- free from harmfull substances
- durable
- mechanically safe

Materials were tested in accordance to very strict Czech norms.
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