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Patchwork pad
Patchwork pad
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A pad for when it is necessary to lay your baby on the ground, on a public changing table or a bench...

A blanket, if it is necessary to cover your baby in a cot, a car seat or a pram...

Simple and compact.

Certified baby-safe material used in our KiBi baby carriers.

Supplied with a fabric bag.

A patchwork pad or blanket for babies made from the cotton fabric which you know from our KiBi baby carriers. Our seamstresses spend a lot of time on the blankets, carefully cutting variously sized rectangles from the fabrics and sewing them together so that each item is unique. Each blanket has an unicoloured rear, while the face is always different and always a surprise.

Place your baby in the 70 x 70 cm square, change his or her nappy, wrap him or her up in it or you can cover your baby anytime just like with a blanket. The blanket has a thin pervious filler which breathes well and can be easily folded so that the blanket is always available when you are travelling or on trips and it can be of use all year round.

We supply the blanket together with a simple fabric bag. It is up to you whether you decide to use it to protect and carry the pad, the KiBi baby carrier or anything else.

Includes 1 pad and 1 bag.

The pads are handmade in Czech republic.

Složení: 100% cotton

Údržba: wash on 40 degree, no ironing, no dryer.